Selenium Python

Selenium Python

Selenium Python in Vizag

This article will teach you how to use the Python programming language to run a Selenium test script.

The testing phase of the software development lifecycle is commonly referred to as critical. Because this phase’s primary goal is to guarantee that the process in question is free of errors, bugs, etc., and that the software is error-free and capable of meeting client requirements. The complexity of the testing procedure stems from the multiple manual executions that occur simultaneously. However, testing will be simpler if this procedure is automated, and the Selenium tool can be used for this.

Prior to beginning the lesson, we will understand the fundamentals of Selenium and how to use Python to create a Selenium test script. Here are some crucial details for putting the Selenium test script into practice.

Selenium Python in Vizag JNNC Technologies

What is Selenium?

One testing tool that is used for testing is called Selenium. The testing tool is free to use and may be downloaded directly from the internet because it is open-source, meaning there is no cost involved. A free automated testing framework called Selenium is used to test and validate web applications on different browsers and systems.Selenium training in Vizag JNNC Technologies. Any programming language, such as Python, C#, Java, etc., can be used to create Selenium test scripts. We will talk about writing a Python Selenium test script in this tutorial.

Why we use Selenium for automation testing?

It is one of the most widely used automated tools for testing, as we have already covered. Using automation technologies like Selenium, the process of automation testing involves converting any manual test case into a test script.

Following are some aspects that, why we prefer Selenium for automation testing:

  • We can use any programming language like Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, C#, and so on to create the Selenium test scripts.
  • We can execute the selenium test script in many different operating system platforms that are Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc are used to implement the selenium test scripts.
  • The Selenium testing tool can be associated with other testing tools such as TestNG, Junit for managing the test cases, and generating test reports.
  • To achieve continuous testing, Selenium is integrated with Maven, Jenkins, and Docker testing tools.

What is Python?

One computer language used for soft coding is called Python. Python facilitates the development of games and applications more easily than other programming languages.Python training in Vizag JNNC Technologies. Because Python comes with built-in packages that you can use right away without having to write additional code for them. Therefore, Python is the language of choice for most programmers when creating games, applications, etc.

Selenium Python in Vizag JNNC Technologies

Python’s primary benefit is its support for Object-Oriented Programming, which makes creating applications very simple. Python is an open-source language, meaning that all it takes to learn and run the program is to obtain the IDLE. It offers several high-level data structures and is straightforward and simple to learn.

Python is a programming language that is considered high-level and is also known as an interpreter scripting language. The fundamental benefit of adopting Python for development is that, unlike other languages, it eliminates the need for compilation, allowing for quick debugging of the provided codes.Selenium Python training in Vizag

Selenium Python in Vizag

Why is Python useful for automation testing?

  • Python supports multiple programming patterns to be performed at the same time and this will be very useful for automation testing. So, this is one possibility that Python is useful for automatic testing.
  • As discussed above Python provides many inbuilt libraries and frameworks that are very useful in testing like Pytest and Robot are the library used for testing the applications and also covers the debugging part and faster the workflow.
  • We use the Python for automatic testing because it is a interpreted language means during the compilation itself interpret every step line by line and by this the debugging process will be easier.
  • Python is Cross-platform Language; due to this application we can run the code written in Python on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, Macintosh and so on.
  • Python can be easily implemented with other programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, etc.

Selenium Python in Vizag JNNC Technologies

Selenium Python in Vizag

We can implement the Selenium test scripts using Python in following two ways:

  1. Configure Selenium using Python
  2. Configure PyDev in Eclipse.

Let us see how we configure Selenium with the help of Python programming language

Configure Selenium using Python

If we want to configure the Selenium using python then we must follow some set of rules or steps given below:

  • Download and install Python on Windows
  • Install Selenium libraries in Python
  • Download and install PyCharm
  • Create a new project and write the Selenium test script
  • Run and validate the test scripts.

Download and install Python for Windows

Here, we will get to know how we can download and install the latest version of Python for window platform through internet.

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