django training in vizag

Django Tutorial covers both fundamental and sophisticated Django ideas. Our Django tutorial is appropriate for both novices and experts.

A web application framework called Django is used to create web apps.All of the topics covered in our Django tutorial are included in the introduction, features, installation, configuration of the environment, admin interface, cookies, form validation, models, Template Engine, migration, MVT, and so on. Each topic is thoroughly covered to ensure that readers have a sufficient understanding of Django.django training in vizag

django training in Vizag

django training in Vizag JNNC Technologies

What is Django

Written in Python, Django is a framework for online applications. Model View Template (MVT) design pattern serves as its foundation. The quick development feature of Django makes it quite demanding. After gathering client requirements, building an application takes less time.

The well-known tagline for this framework is “The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.”django training in vizag

We can quickly develop web applications by utilizing Django. Django is made to handle a lot of configuration work automatically, allowing us to concentrate solely on developing applications.

django training in Vizag JNNC Technologies

django training in Vizag


Django was design and developed by Lawrence journal world in 2003 and publicly released under BSD license in July 2005. Currently, DSF (Django Software Foundation) maintains its development and release cycle.

Django was released on 21, July 2005. Its current stable version is 2.0.3 which was released on 6 March, 2018.

Django Version History

0.9016 Nov 2005
0.9111 Jan 2006magic removal
0.9623 Mar 2007newforms, testing tools
1.03 Sep 2008API stability, decoupled admin, unicode
1.129 Jul 2009Aggregates, transaction based tests
1.217 May 2010Multiple db connections, CSRF, model validation
1.323 Mar 2011Timezones, in browser testing, app templates.
1.526 Feb 2013Python 3 Support, configurable user model
1.66 Nov 2013Dedicated to Malcolm Tredinnick, db transaction management, connection pooling.
1.72 Sep 2014Migrations, application loading and configuration.
1.8 LTS2 Sep 2014Migrations, application loading and configuration.
1.8 LTS1 Apr 2015Native support for multiple template engines.Supported until at least April 2018
1.91 Dec 2015Automatic password validation. New styling for admin interface.
1.101 Aug 2016Full text search for PostgreSQL. New-style middleware.
1.11 LTS1.11 LTSLast version to support Python 2.7.Supported until at least April 2020
2.0Dec 2017First Python 3-only release, Simplified URL routing syntax, Mobile friendly admin.

django training in Vizag JNNC Technologies


Django is widely accepted and used by various well-known sites such as:

  • Instagram
  • Mozilla
  • Disqus
  • Pinterest
  • Bitbucket
  • The Washington Times

django training in Vizag

Features of Django

  • Rapid Development
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Fully loaded
  • Versatile
  • Open Source
  • Vast and Supported Community

Rapid Development

The goal of Django’s design was to create a framework that would speed up the development of online applications. Although the project implementation step takes a long time, Django produces it quickly.


Because Django takes security seriously, it assists developers in avoiding several typical security errors, including cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and cross-site request forgery. Managing user accounts and passwords is made safe by its user authentication method.python training in vizag


Django is scalable in nature and has ability to quickly and flexibly switch from small to large scale application project.

Fully loaded

Several helpful task modules and libraries are included with Django, which can be used to manage typical Web development chores. Site maps, RSS feeds, user authentication, and content management are all handled using Django.


Because of its versatility, Django may be used to create applications for a wide range of areas. These days, businesses use Django to create a variety of applications, such as scientific computing platforms, social networking sites, and content management systems.

Open Source

An open source framework for web applications is called Django. It is freely accessible to the general public. The source code is available for download from the public repository. The entire cost of developing an application is decreased by using open source.

Vast and Supported Community

Django is an one of the most popular web framework. It has widely supportive community and channels to share and connect.

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