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salesforce training in vizag

One of the top cloud-based CRM systems is Salesforce. It is an integrated CRM platform that gives all organizational departments—including marketing, sales, commerce, and service—a single, shared view of every client. Our Salesforce course is made to assist both novices and experts with basic and advanced Salesforce concepts. This will cover every important aspect of Salesforce, from setup to Apex development.

Salesforce is a SaaS or Software as a Service, which means there is no need to install the software or server to work on. Users can simply sign-up in and can start running the business instantly.
Salesforce Tutorial

  • Frank Dominguez, Dave Moellenhoff, Parker Harris, and Marc Benioff created it in 1999.
  • Although Salesforce began as a CRM software, it now offers consumers and developers a variety of products and software solutions.
  • Salesforce does not require any IT expertise to set up because it is a cloud-based platform.
  • It offers among the greatest means of establishing connections with clients, business associates, and consumers through a single integrated environment. It enables companies to recognize the needs of their clients, handle issues with ease, and deliver the same solution in the shortest amount of time.salesforce training in vizag

Why choose Salesforce?

In the above section, we have learned about the Salesforce, but why should we choose it? What are the benefits? So below are some points that explain the benefits of choosing Salesforce:

Salesforce Tutorial

  • The first benefit of choosing Salesforce is that we do not need to install any software to build an application or run our business activities. We can focus on building the apps instead of installing, setup, repairing, etc.
  • Since it is the cloud-based CRM platform, any user can access it from anywhere using the internet.
  • Any new user or business start-up can choose Salesforce for building apps or run business, as it is so affordable with lots of capabilities.
  • One can easily integrate the Salesforce with any third-party applications, such as Gmail, which is much easier than other CRM Software.
  • It is the world’s number 1 CRM software, as it is easy to use, fast to deploy any app, and provide efficient outputs as per the requirements.
  • The development cost is also very less.Technologies used by the Salesforce

salesforce training in vizag

Technologies used by the Salesforce

  • Apex: Salesforce uses a proprietary programming language called Apex. Therefore, one needs to be well-versed in Salesforce Apex in order to work as a salesforce developer or construct a salesforce application.
  • VisualForce, a framework that lets developers design unique user experiences that are compatible with its lighting platform.
    Compiler: Salesforce has a built-in
  • compiler for Visual Force Pages and Apex apps.

Companies using Salesforce

Today, there are multiple big brands, and new start-ups who are using the Salesforce platform as CRM software and for other services. Below is the list of some popular companies that are using Salesforce for their businesses:

  1. HCL Technologies use Salesforce CRM for data entry to validate customer data.
  2. Pizza Hut is providing the smart mobile experience to its customer using the marking salesforce cloud.
  3. L’Oreal builds a social network using the Salesforce, by which they can share any Hair fashion-related plans or events to their stylist or customer.
  4. American Express is using the Salesforce cloud since 2010, and now they can connect to their employees together across the organization, or from anywhere.
  5. Nikon Instrument opted for the Salesforce CRM for their business, but later, they also started using the social network provided by the Chatter.
  6. Comcast-Spectator uses the salesforce platform to manage the customer profiles that help them identify the customer interest and market more efficiently.
  7. Sony uses the Salesforce Service Cloud to connect with their customers. All customer complaints are managed and taken care of with this to make the customers satisfied.

salesforce training in vizag

salesforce training in vizag JNNC Technologies

Differences Between Salesforce CRM and Dynamic CRM

In today’s market, various companies are offering CRM Solutions to their customers, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft dynamics, including Salesforce. In all these CRM solution companies, there is a big competition between the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic. Let’s have a look at the difference between these two CRM solutions:

CapabilitiesSalesforceMicrosoft Dynamic
Deployment OptionsSalesforce provides deploy on cloud-only option.Microsoft Dynamic CRM can be deployed on the Cloud, on-premise, or at partner-hosting.
Language InterfaceSalesforce offers limited language support as compared to Microsoft Dynamic.It provides 35 language support to its customers.
AccessibilityIt provides accessibility of web and mobile apps from anywhere.It also provides access to its web and mobile apps from anywhere.
StorageIt provides 1GB/user storage for 1 to 20 users.It provides 10GB shared storage for 1 to 20 users.
PricingIt has a pricing rate of $25-$300 per user/ month.It has a pricing rate of $65-$135 per user/month.

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