Python training institute in Vizag

Python training institute in Vizag

Python training institute in Vizag


JNNC Technologies, give you the best fundamentals of python technology.

You will get better job opportunity after completing the course. Our expert faculty members will make you clear about the basics to advanced concept of the technology.

You will not find any complications here and the edit-test-debug style is incredibly fast here. The debugging python programs are easy where a bug or bad input never causes a segmentation fault.

If the interpreter discovers an error, then it automatically raises an exception. The quickest way to debug a program is to add a few print statements to the source.

Python training institute in Vizag

What is Python

Python is one of the popular languages that are used by major companies for web development purposes.

Google mostly uses it for its web spider and search engine code. Yahoo has made “groups”: and “maps” features with Python, while the Central Intelligence Agency has made a full website with this. Additionally, Python works well in commercial games, business software, educational application animation systems, and different types of software.

Due to its adaptability and use, Python is recognised as one of the most significant programming languages.

It can be used for a variety of activities, including web development, scientific computing, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and more.

It has a sizable and helpful community as well as a plethora of libraries and modules. It is also a high-level language with a legible and understandable grammar, making it accessible to both novice and seasoned developers.

Python training institute in Vizag

Python training institute in Vizag


Python training institute in Vizag

Python is simple and easy-to-learn syntax, which emphasizes readability and reduces the cost of maintenance.

This is an interpreted, object-oriented, and high-level programming language that includes dynamic semantics.

The combination of dynamic typing and dynamic binding has made it attractive for rapid application development, and it can be used as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together.

It supports different modules and packages, which help to encourage program modularity and code reuse.

Here, the extensive standard library is available in source and in binary form without any charge for all the major platforms and it can be distributed freely.

Python also offers advanced features such as object-oriented programming, functional programming, and concurrency.

Our faculty in python course training covers a wide range of advanced Python topics, including data visualization, machine learning, and web scraping. In the industry, Python is highly valued for its versatility, speed of development, and vast libraries and frameworks.

It is used by major companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, making it a highly sought-after skill in today’s job market.

Python training institute in Vizag

How Python Language is Different from other Languages?

Python training institute in Vizag

You can say Python is one of the best scientific languages and the first choice of scientists. At JNNC Technologies, with the Python training in Vizag, you can learn various choices for web development like for Frameworks such as Django and Pyramid, for Micro-Framework such as Flask and Bottle, and for advanced content management systems such as Online and Django CMS. Python language is different from other languages because,

  • This is easy to learn
  • It is good for starting out because of its simple syntax
  • It takes less time than other languages.
  • It is a dynamically typed language
  • You can use here common programming methodologies such as data structure and object-oriented programming.

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Python Basic and Advanced Course:


>Understand Python environment and coding.
>Deep understanding of python programming.
>Working on Python interpreter.

Who can attend?

>Freshers seeking career in Python Programming.
>Proffessions with Programming background.
>Working/experienced who want to explore Python Environment.

Python Basic and Advanced Syllabus:

CH1: Introduction to Python

Python features
Scope of python
Python products
Python in todays context
First python program execution
The world of programming
Python programming syntax
interpreter and compiler

CH2: Variables, keywords and Data types

Memory mapping of variables
Application memory
Variable structure
Properties and scope of variables
Keywords in Python
Data Types
Dynamic Typing

CH3: Operators

Arithmetic operators
Logical operators
Relational operators
Bitwise operators
Assignment operators
Type casting
Operator precedence

CH4: Control statements

Flow of program control
Conditional statements: if, if-else, elif, nested if
for loop
Making of ‘for’ loop
range() function
Iteration using for loop
Nesting Loops
while loop
Infinite loop
Loop control keywords: break, continue, pass

CH5: Sequences

List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary
Properties of a sequences
built-in functions
Programming with sequences
one and multidimensional sequences
comparison of sequences

CH6: Functions

Introduction to functions
Function definition and return
Function call and reuse
Function parameters
Function recipe and docstring
Programming with functions
Scope of variables in functions
Generator functions

CH7: Strings

Introduction to string type
Properties of a string
String built-in functions
Programming with strings
String formatting
String arithmetic


CH1: Modules and Packages

What is module
Crate and usage of module
Module Properties
Doc String(__doc__)
What is Package
Creating Package
Programming with Packages
CH2: Exception Handling
Understanding exceptions
try, except and finally
raising exceptions with: raise, assert
Custom Exceptions

CH3: File handing

Working with files
File objects and Modes of file operations
open(), read(), Write(), close() methods
readlines(), seek(), tell() methods

CH4: Object oriented programming

OOPs concepts: Classes and objects
Making of a class and module namespace
Static and instance variables
Understanding of self and __init__()
Inheritance and Overriding
Abstract Class

CH5: Threads

Understanding threads
Process and Threads
Threads using class

CH6: Regular expression

Introduction to Regular Exp
Scope of “re” module
Built in functions
Matching Patters

CH7: GUI Programming-tkinter

Types of GUI Toolkits
Working with windows
Widgets in tkinter
Working with Widgets

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