The Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python


Full Stack Python Training in Vizag at JNNC Technologies

Demand for Full Stack Developers, particularly those skilled in Python, has soared in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

Recognising this requirement, JNNC Technologies in Vizag offers excellent full stack Python training that helps students develop into

knowledgeable experts capable of managing end-to-end development jobs.

What is Full Stack Python Development?

Full Stack A comprehensive approach to online and software development using Python is referred to as Python development, and it

involves the developer being skilled in both frontend (client-side) and backend (server-side) development chores.

various Full Stack developers favour Python because of its various libraries and frameworks, which make the development process easier. Python is known for being simple and versatile.

Full Stack Python Training in Vizag

Why Choose JNNC Technologies?

Quality instruction and real-world experience are priorities at JNNC Technologies.

Our thorough Full Stack Python course is designed to cover all essential facets of Full Stack Python development.

The programme is rigorously planned to make sure that every concept—from the fundamentals to the more advanced modules—is understood by every student.

Full Stack Python Training in Vizag

Python programming, Django and Flask for web development, JavaScript, HTML/CSS for the front end, and database systems like MySQL or

PostgreSQL are all important topics covered in our course curriculum.

We also explore important topics like REST APIs, Git version control systems, Docker and Kubernetes deployment, and cloud infrastructure like AWS and Google Cloud.

Full Stack Python Training in Vizag

Full Stack Python Training in Vizag

The instructors at JNNC Technologies are subject-matter experts with years of practical expertise.

They use a student-centered approach, providing a mix of theory, real-world projects, and practical exercises.

This guarantees that our students can use what they’ve learned in real-world situations, preparing them to overcome obstacles along the road in their professional careers.

Full Stack Python Training in Vizag

JNNC Technologies has embraced the digital trend in the wake of the ongoing epidemic by providing both onsite and online training options.

Our online courses have been well received, allowing students from distant locations to take advantage of our industry-relevant training without regard to their location.

Full Stack Python Training in Vizag

Course Contents of Full Stack Python Training in Visakhapatnam

  1. Introduction to Python

  2. Python Data Structures and Algorithms

  3. Python Libraries and Modules

  4. File Operations in Python

  5. Python for Web (HTML, CSS overview)

  6. Introduction to Flask/Django

  7. Building a Simple Application using Flask/Django

  8. CRUD Operations in Flask/Django

  9. User Authentication in Flask/Django

  10. Deploying Flask/Django apps on a server

  11. Introduction to Databases

  12. SQL/NoSQL databases

  13. Integrating Flask/Django with Databases

  14. ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

  15. REST APIs in Flask/Django

  16. Asynchronous Tasks with Celery

  17. Python for Data Analysis

  18. Introduction to Pandas, NumPy

  19. Data Visualization using Matplotlib, Seaborn

  20. Web Scraping using BeautifulSoup/Scrapy

  21. Introduction to Testing in Python

  22. Unit testing with PyTest

  23. Test Driven Development (TDD)

  24. Introduction to Git and GitHub/BitBucket

  25. Docker for Python developers

  26. Introduction to Cloud Platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, etc.)

  27. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

  28. Microservices with Python

  29. Introduction to GraphQL with Python

Full Stack Python Training in Vizag

Frequently Asked Questions about Full Stack Python Training at JNNC Technologies, Vizag

  1. How long does the Full Stack Python training at JNNC Technologies in Vizag last?

    • The Full Stack Python training lasts for approximately 16 weeks, with sessions conducted over the weekends. However, this can vary depending on the pace of the batch.

      Full Stack Python Training in Vizag

  2. Who is the ideal candidate for the Full Stack Python training at JNNC Technologies?

    • The Full Stack Python course is designed for both beginners and professionals who want to enhance their skills. Some familiarity with programming concepts can be beneficial but is not mandatory.

  3. Do I need any prior programming knowledge to enroll in this course?

    • While prior programming knowledge isn’t mandatory, it’s beneficial. The course begins with fundamental programming concepts, so even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to keep up.

  4. What is the fee for the Full Stack Python training at JNNC Technologies in Vizag?

    • The course fee for our Full Stack Python training is INR XX,000. We also offer flexible payment options  for candidates.

  5. Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

    • Yes, you will receive a certificate from JNNCt Technologies upon successfully completing the course. This certification can enhance your CV and open new job opportunities.

  6. What are the main topics covered in this Full Stack Python training?

    • The course covers a wide range of topics from Python basics, web development with Python, Python for Data Analysis, to Advanced Python features. The curriculum is designed to provide an end-to-end understanding of Full Stack Development using Python.

  7. Will the course include practical assignments or projects?

    • Yes, the Full Stack Python training includes numerous hands-on assignments and capstone projects. This helps students to practically apply the concepts learned during the course.

  8. What is the refund policy if I decide to cancel my enrollment?

    • We offer a full refund if you cancel your enrollment within the first week of classes. After that, the fees are not refundable but can be adjusted against other courses.

  9. Who will be instructing this Full Stack Python course?

  • Our Full Stack Python course is conducted by experienced professionals and industry experts who have vast knowledge and experience in Python and Full Stack Development.

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