Understanding and demystifying the key difference

big data vs cloud computing vs data science

While it seems that these three concepts (Data science, Big data, and Cloud computing) are similar, but they are entirely different from their own perspectives. Though they are intertwined in the whole activity and together make an outstanding approach towards gaining profits in businesses and other sectors.

Even though people get confused and couldn’t differ between them. So, to refresh your understanding and concepts we shall be discussing

1. What is the principle difference between them?

Some other key differences are

Data science

Big data

Cloud computing

2. Roles and authority handled by :

By a data scientist 

By a Big-data professional

By a cloud computing engineer

3. The required skill set to become a Data scientist, Big data professional and Cloud computing engineer

Data scientist required skills

Big data professional required skill set

Cloud computing engineer skill set

4. An example of YouTube and Instagram to understand the role of Big data professional, Data scientist and Cloud computing engineer

On YouTube, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute and almost 5 billion videos are watched every day, due to which a huge amount of unstructured data is produced by YouTube. This data needs to be processed but traditional data processing systems fail to process such a huge amount of unstructured data.

And that’s where Big data professionals play a role. Big data professionals create an environment using various big data tools to process the large amount of unstructured YouTube data which is followed by many steps.

Now let’s discuss what role does a data scientist play:-

A data scientist optimizes YouTube watching experience on user behavior such as how a user interacts with YouTube services like rebuffering, skipping, watch time, etc.

Data scientists use this information or data to predict the future even that you see on your YouTube account in the form of recommendations and feed.

So, the algorithms which run in real-time or in near real-time help to provide the best User experience.

understanding Cloud Computing with the help of Instagram. Instagram is a social networking platform that allows us to store numerous photos, information, and numerous TVs and videos on an online server which can be accessed from any device.

So a Cloud Computing engineer performs some of the main technical duties like maintaining the server, designing cloud Software, and system to implement it.

5. What salaries do they get according to their expertise?

Shifting towards the modern world and technology has developed and advanced many features for best user experience which stores great potential and opportunities for upcoming freshers with promising pay.

The pay for some professionals have been listed below:

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