Basic Manual Software Testing +Agile+Bugzilla for beginners

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Manual training in vizag

Kick start ur career in manual testing -best simple and easy course on manual software Testing ,Agile , JIRA , bugzilla

What you’ll learn

Course content

Introduction To Software Testing

Importance of SOFTWARE TESTING and QA Tester

Types Of testing Process (manual and automation)

What is manual and Automation Testing

 Skill set and role of QA TESTER

 Introduction of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

Type of Software and its development


How many days it will take to learn manual testing?
There are short term courses where you can become a manual tester in just 30 days and learn something new almost every day. These courses are suitable for those who want to bag a job quickly without spending more time in studies after graduation.
What is the syllabus of manual testing?

Manual Test Process:

Test Case Development & Test Data Collection. Updating Requirement Traceability Matrices. Test Environment Setup & Smoke Testing. Execute Basic Functionality Test Cases (Sanity Testing)

Is manual testing good job?
Manual testing is a very rewarding career if you know what it means to own your product, and have a macro-vision to see things beyond code — through behaviors. Because manual testers are closest to the users.
Why testers are not respected?
Testers are seen as an obstacle to release because people don’t calculate the cost of poor quality. It is clear what the benefit of a piece of functionality is, but people fail to appreciate and quantify the lack of benefit, if a little piece of that functionality is not working, when it gets to the customer.
How can I become a tester?
Here is a list of steps you can follow to help you become a software tester:
  1. Earn an undergraduate degree. …
  2. Learn how to code. …
  3. Gain relevant experience. …
  4. Earn certifications.

Is test engineer a good job?

Is test engineer a good job? Working as a test engineer provides great job satisfaction and a high salary. You gain knowledge directly from your tests and the installation of equipment that you can’t learn at school.
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