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Java Internship content is carefully researched and prepared by high end technological professionals from MNC to meet the demands of IT industry. After completing the Internship Training in Chennai at JNNC Technologies, students will be familiar with the IT processes, Software development process followed in IT industry. Below are some of the insights of our Internship programmer.

Why Students should go for real time Java Internship Training ?


Java is a prevalent and influential framework/ coding language that is practiced by numerous systems analyst all over the globe. Java delivers app development in Object Oriented Programming model and help in the development of

Java is the Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPS) that produces software for multiple platforms. Java was originally developed by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems. It is the most popular programming language for Android smartphone.

Benefits of Java:

JNNC  Technologies Internship for IT students enhances and enable the students for the above said skills / job roles from Basics to Advanced through our specialized – Java Internship.

Java Internship Training, provides a practical exposure for the students on the latest and trending technologies. Below are some of the Top jobs in the IT Industry.

Career options for Java Interns :


Java Internship – Highlights

Internship Certificate & Inplant Training Certificate &  Industrial exposure certificate (or Digital Marketing Certificate) + (Achievement certificate for best performers)

Types of Internship Training

S.No Java Internship – Syllabus

100% Practical – Live HandsOn Internship Training

Topic 1 : Java Basics
– Java Basics & Just-in-time compiler
Topic 2 : Java Class Programming
– Class / Objects in Java
Topic 3 : Java Variables – Data Types
– Variables / Data Types / Access Specifier / Operators
Topic 4 : Java Derived Data Types
– Loops / Strings / Date Time / Arrays – Hands On
Topic 5 : Java Method Programming
– Java Methods / Streams
Topic 6 : Java OOPs Programming
– Inheritance / Overriding / Polymorphism
Topic 7 : Java Exceptions & Applications
– Exception Handling / Applet Programming
Topic 8 : Java JSP Programming
– JSP – Intro and Working Model
Topic 9 : JSWING Programming
– UI Designing and Programming
Topic 10 : Java Mini Project 
– Step by Step Learning, Designing, Coding and Implementations
Topic 11 : Applet Programming
– Java Controls / Java UI Coding, Java Integrations
Topic 12 : MySQL Database Programming
– Database Connectivity and Complete Java – Mysql Data Integration Techniques
Mini Project: Free Mini Project 
Students will finish this project in the specified duration
Internship Certificate

Inplant Training Certificate

+ Free Industrial exposure certificate (or Digital Marketing Certificate) + (Achievement certificate for best performers) + 1 Project


  1. Internship Materials will be provided for the students after the internship programme.
  2. 1 Project will be given to the students.
  3. Technological guidance and materials will be shared in entire year for the students to mold technically.

Internship Training Certificate :

    Industry recognized Internship Training Certificate + Inplant Training Certificate &  Industrial exposure certificate (or Digital Marketing Certificate) + (Achievement certificate for best performers)will be given to all Internship Training Attendees

Who Can attend this Java Internship Programme :

Students belongs to 1st Year Student / 2nd Year Student  / 3rd Year Student / 4th Year Student / Passed Out Student / Freshers / Job seekers.

Outcome of this Java Internship Training Programme :

  1. Student will be specialized in Java Basics and Advanced, Applet Programming, Java Servlet page, Mysql Programming and Java Mini Project. Internship Program in vizag
  2. Covering 120 concepts
  3. Students will be getting trained in / writing 40  Programs – Will change based on the durations of the program.
  4. 1 Project and project report will be given at the end of the program.

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