C language in Vizag

It was initially developed by Dennis Ritchie as a system programming language to write an operating system.

C language training in vizag

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C Output & Multiple Choice Questions

Control Statements, Functions, Pointers, Enum, Struct and Union, Memory

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  1. C Language Introduction
  2. C Programming Language Standard
  3. int (1 sign bit + 31 data bits) keyword in C
  4. Is it fine to write “void main()” or “main()” in C/C++?
  5. Difference between “int main()” and “int main(void)” in C/C++?
  6. Macros and Preprocessors in C
  7. Compiling a C program:- Behind the Scenes
  8. Benefits of C over other languages.C language training in vizag
  9. Program error signals
  10. Escape sequences in C
  11. Line Slicing in C
  12. C/ C++ Tokens
  1. Functions in C
  2. Importance of function prototype in C
  3. Functions that are executed before and after main() in C
  4. return statement vs exit() in main()
  5. How to Count Variable Numbers of Arguments in C?,
  6. What is evaluation order of function parameters in C?
  7. Does C support function overloading?
  8. How can we return multiple values from a function?
  9. What is the purpose of a function prototype?
  10. Static functions in C
  11. exit(), abort() and assert()
  12. Implicit return type int in C
  13. What happens when a function is called before its declaration in C?
  14. _Noreturn function specifier in C
  15. exit() vs _Exit()
  16. __func__ identifier in C
  17. Callback function in C
  18. Nested functions in C
  19. Parameter Passing Techniques
  20. pow() function in C
  21. tolower() function in C
  22. time() function in C

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