dual credit egnyte university

dual credit egnyte university

Here you’ll find free learning resources for Egnyte users and admins. Take a Course and learn at your own pace, register for a Live Training session, and master specific features with Quick Tip videos.dual credit egnyte university

Unified Content Management, Data Security, and AI in One Turnkey Platform

One Platform, Many Possibilities

Address many content challenges at once and automate critical tasks

Works the Way You Do

From Microsoft to Google, Salesforce, and more, discover how Egnyte works with the tools you use everyday.

Egnyte Your Business

Supercharge industry-specific business processes and drive higher employee productivity with our vertical solutions

We Protect and Manage Content

It’s how we do it that sets us apart.
The information buried in digital content is every company’s most valuable knowledge asset. Egnyte’s AI-powered platform enables organizations of all sizes to unlock their content’s full potential – efficiently, securely, and responsibly.

A Culture of

At Egnyte, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Since 2008, we have been empowering businesses to seamlessly transition their file sharing to the cloud, while prioritizing security, auditability, performance, and ease of use. As the world’s leading Intelligent Content Platform, we continuously innovate to meet our customers’ needs, adding new use cases, AI models, compliance patterns, integration partners, and more.


Egnyte is backed by several renowned VC firms, GV (formerly Google Venture, a division of Alphabet), and Springcoast Partners.

Trusted by IT Leaders. Loved by Their End Users.

Egnyte is trusted by thousands of IT leaders and millions of end users. We are industry leaders in data security, data governance, cloud content collaboration, and tools for IT managers.

Egnyte Your Career. Spark Your Passion.

Egnyters work to passionately deliver the future of distributed work, and that future starts with you.

dual credit egnyte university

We Are Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Egnyte, we celebrate our differences and thrive on our diversity for the benefit of our employees, our products, our customers, our investors, and our communities. Our recently launched global Egnyte Employee Communities (EECs) support representation and inclusion across our diverse workplace. Egnyters are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work and to appreciate the many differences that collectively make Egnyte a higher-performing company and a great place to be.
dual credit egnyte university

June Release Rollup: Egnyte for Microsoft (MS) Teams – Drag and Drop Functionality, Enhancements to Document Room Portal and More

This month’s product updates and enhancements rollup includes Egnyte for MS Teams – Drag and Drop functionality, enhancements to the Document Room Portal, and user management on the Android mobile app. Please visit the articles linked below for more details.

Featured Platform Enhancements and Releases

Egnyte for MS Teams – Drag and Drop Functionality: The latest update lets MS Teams users easily upload and share local files with Egnyte’s integrated drag-and-drop feature, enhancing convenience and streamlining collaboration within Teams channels. Learn more.

Enhancements to the Document Room Portal: Enhancements to Egnyte’s Document Room Portal improve collaboration with a clearer layout, easy navigation via a ‘new files’ button, and multi-line descriptions for better organization and detailed documentation. Learn more.

User Management on Android Mobile App: Admins and Power Users can now manage domain users via the Egnyte Android app.  It offers full WebUI functionality like adding, modifying, and deactivating users, to enhance mobile efficiency and control. Learn more.

Other Enhancements and Releases

Egnyte Sign – New Recipients and Fields UI: Egnyte Sign now has a new UI for recipients and fields, allowing requesters to conveniently assign fields to signers by selecting their names from a dropdown, streamlining the signing process. Learn more.

Personalized Action Recommendations on iOS App: The release enhances user experience with personalized recommendations and actionable tips, helping users discover new functionalities and streamline workflows. For example, annotating a PDF may prompt exploring the PDF Page Editor. Learn more.

New Share Link Options: The Desktop app ‘Core Share’ link experience has been significantly enhanced to match the WebUI functionality. Now users can access all sharing options directly in the app, eliminating the need for a web browser. Learn more.

Open Access Support for Whitelisting All Power Users Group: Egnyte customers can now whitelist the Egnyte All Power Users group, reducing open access detections. This helps administrators focus on critical issues and prevents unnecessary access and data sprawl in large user groups. Learn more.

Opening Files/ Folders in the Egnyte Desktop App from WebUI (General Availability): Opening files or folders in the Egnyte Desktop App from the WebUI is now generally available.  This enhancement up-levels the file-access experience and streamlines workflows within the platform.  Learn more.

Connected Folders from External Devices (Limited Availability): Users can now use Connected Folders with external devices like drives and SD cards for efficient work with large datasets on Solid-State Drive (SSD). Note limitations: Support for Apple File System (APFS) and Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT), and sync stops if the external drive is removed briefly; manual reconnection will be needed. Available for MacOS. Learn more.

Support for AutoCAD Locks (Limited Availability): Support for DraWing Lock (DWL ) files is added, providing information about AutoCAD lock owners. This enhancement improves collaboration on AutoCAD files by clearly identifying who has locked corresponding drawing (DWG) files. Learn more.

dual credit egnyte university

Transform Collaboration with the Power of Egnyte and Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft Teams

As part of our ongoing partnership and investment in Microsoft, we have deepened our integration with Microsoft’s Copilot within Microsoft Teams. This integration expands Copilot’s capabilities by incorporating Egnyte as an additional data source. Microsoft 365 Copilot users can now derive valuable insights from documents stored in Egnyte, enhancing the usefulness of both Egnyte and the Microsoft Copilot solution for joint customers.

(For organizations that don’t subscribe to Microsoft 365 Copilot, Egnyte also offers native Generative AI-based solutions to summarize and answer questions about their files stored within the Egnyte platform; you can find more information about these offerings here and here.)

How The Integration Works

With Egnyte for MS Teams, thousands of users efficiently manage files and collaborate securely with their team members in real-time by using features like automatic synchronization of MS Teams Channels to Egnyte folders, file uploading, previewing, and sharing, document co-editing, and granular user permission management. Now with Egnyte’s integration into MS Copilot within MS Teams, users can seamlessly generate concise summaries and accurate answers from Egnyte-stored files directly within the MS Teams environment by simply writing a prompt in the Copilot tab. The prompt also displays files from where the summaries are generated for quick file actions such as preview and share, simplifying information retrieval and enhancing productivity,

There is no need to move your data outside of Egnyte’s secure boundary, and no data from Egnyte will be retained beyond those boundaries as part of your AI interaction. Additionally, the integration adheres to Egnyte’s permission model, such that a user’s AI will never have access to more data than that user is entitled to.

Egnyte and Microsoft Copilot in Action 

For example, a sales manager preparing for an upcoming client meeting might want to incorporate the latest industry trends and competitive analysis into their presentation. Using the Microsoft Copilot tab within Microsoft Teams, they would write a prompt to retrieve insights on the latest industry growth drivers and competitors’ performance. Leveraging natural language processing, a concise summary is swiftly generated, that is tailored to the client’s requirements, saving time, and ensuring relevance.

These summaries are presented in the Copilot tab alongside relevant documents for further exploration, enabling the sales manager to delve deeper into insights without the need for extensive searching or scrolling through numerous chats or channels.

dual credit egnyte university

Quick File Actions

Pleased with the document summary, the sales manager wants to access an analyst report to gather industry data. With a simple click, he can review the report and update the presentation with the data. Furthermore, he can co-edit the file within the Teams App, Microsoft 365 Online, or on the desktop, according to his convenience. He also has the flexibility to adjust user permissions with granular controls to ensure confidentiality of the content within the files.

dual credit egnyte university

Equipped with data-driven insights, the sales manager confidently engages the client, showcasing a profound understanding of their industry and competitive advantages, while also offering tailored solutions. Throughout this process, the content remains secure and protected within Egnyte.

In conclusion, the synergistic capabilities of Egnyte’s AI and Microsoft Copilot offer extensive support for diverse use cases across various industry sectors, enhancing organizational efficiency, and team productivity. To harness the capabilities of Egnyte’s AI, please contact your account representative.

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