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liberty university online academy

Fully Online K-12 Program The Quality of a Private Christian School with the Flexibility of Online Learning

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Affordable, Flexible, and Bible-Based Education for All Grade Levels

How It Works

Online Education Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating

We are aware that there are two crucial questions that our families would like answered: What do our pupils learn? & How is LUOA implemented? You and your student have access to a full staff of support available to assist you whenever you need it, in addition to our user-friendly curriculum.

liberty university online academy

Assigned Teachers

  • Our courses are led by 300+ experienced teachers who are licensed in their state, certified by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), or hold an advanced degree in their subject area. They assess student work and provide the option to request online conferences in order to receive extra support in a given class.

Subject Experts

  • Call or chat to speak with subject experts who are available during school hours to answer the questions you may have about assignments and homework. Our subject experts are on-call certified teachers who can help provide the support your student needs to be successful.


  • Our team of advisors helps keep our students on track, offering support in creating and arranging schedules, answering questions about recordkeeping and transcripts, and coming alongside students as they plan for their future.

liberty university online academy

Core Courses

What Our Students Learn

The primary objective of Liberty University Online Academy is your student’s education. And we are aware that the knowledge your students will acquire in the classroom is among your top concerns. As a partner, we’ll provide you access to all the tools and resources you require to provide your student with a top-notch education and future-ready skills.

LUOA Courses & Curriculum

  • K-12 core curriculum: English, History, Math, and Science
  • Bible courses in each grade to strengthen our students’ faith
  • Electives such as Spanish, guitar, computer programming, and more

Earning College Credit

Get a head start on your future by taking college courses while still in high school.

Liberty University Online Academy, in partnership with Liberty University Online, offers a program specifically designed for high school juniors and seniors who want to earn college credit while still in high school. We call this program Dual Enrollment.

NCAA-Approved Courses

Is your student active in sports? Student-athletes who wish to compete in NCAA sports at the college level must fulfill certain academic requirements in high school.

LUOA has ensured that our Enhanced Courses and Dual Enrollment courses meet the requirements to be approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for Division I athletic program participation.

Affiliate Program liberty university online academy

Partner with Us to Expand Your School Today!


Put Your School at the Forefront of a New Area in Education

LUOA can help any school expand its course offerings with core K-12 courses, middle school and high school electives, summer courses, and earning college credit.

Whether you want to start a new Christian school or expand your current one, LUOA can help you make that vision a reality.

liberty university online academy


Why Partner with LUOA?

  • Immediately adopt a blended learning model
  • Offer any of LUOA’s courses to your students
  • Use LUOA’s teachers and curriculum
  • Pay a discounted rate for all courses on a per-course basis
  • Charge your students the rates you choose
  • Your students get free access to Microsoft 365 when enrolling in LUOA
  • Take advantage of free marketing opportunities

We Have Students Studying from All 50 States and Over 100 Countries


What Can LUOA Do for You?

When you partner with LUOA, you get the benefits of brick-and-mortar schools combined with an online education, allowing each student to have a personalized experience.

Brick-and-Mortar School Benefits

  • Social interaction and a sense of community
  • Athletic courses and club events
  • Extracurricular clubs and activities
  • Interactive courses such as music
  • New electives added that help students prepare for life after school
  • Other courses that work best in a group setting

Additional Benefits with LUOA

  • A fully online K-12 curriculum
  • Access to a wide variety of courses, such as Spanish, computer programming, engineering, college planning and preparation, Latin, and academic and career success
  • Rolling enrollment is available year-round
  • Self-paced assignments within course deadlines
  • Over 250 college credit courses
  • Multiple associate degree tracks
  • Over 300 certified teachers
  • Experienced staff to handle administrative details

liberty university online academy

We Ask That You Provide the Following:

  • A facility for students
  • A point of contact who submits applications for students and registers them for classes
  • Computers (review our technical specifications here)
  • High-speed internet
  • A facilitator who will supervise students, answer low-level math and English questions, and assist with technological issues


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